Australian Government RTP Scholarship Eligibility Criteria and How To Apply

By | March 2, 2024
Australian Government RTP Scholarship

Australian Government RTP Scholarship Eligibility Criteria and How To Apply

The Australian government’s Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship assists both domestic and international students pursuing postgraduate research-based degrees. The scholarship’s goal is to promote exceptional research and improve the research training infrastructure at universities in Australia.


Highly promising research students who wish to pursue advanced research degrees at the University of Sydney are eligible for these Scholarships. All qualified applicants will be automatically evaluated for these scholarships.

The University awards these scholarships as outlined on its website. To ensure a scholarship decision before the start of the program, applications must be submitted following the instructions on the website.


In addition to the Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships, other postgraduate research scholarships are available for domestic students. These are listed in Section 3. Additionally, some universities and faculties offer supplementary scholarships, which are detailed in Section 4. Eligible candidates may be considered for these scholarships without submitting a separate application.

Australian Government RTP Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must fulfil eligibility as stated in the Research Training Program
Scholarships Policy 2018.

a) A full-time Scholarship may be held for up to 3.5 years for Research Doctorate studies, or up to 1.75 years for Research Masters studies.

b) No extensions are allowable..


c) The maximum Scholarship tenure will be reduced by any periods of study undertaken, i.e. advance standing:

i. towards the degree prior to the commencement of the Scholarship;

ii. during suspension of the Scholarship (when candidature has not been simultaneously suspended); and/or

iii. during the tenure of a previous Australian Postgraduate Coursework Award or Scholarship.

d) A part-time award holder is expected to progress at half the rate of a full-time award holder.

e) Each award is renewed annually subject to satisfactory annual progress review in accordance with Progress Policy.

f) Students who wish to transfer to another institution may continue to receive
their Scholarship only if their new institution agrees to its continuation (see also Section 6 below).

g) Students may conduct up to 12 months (18 months for students of anthropology and other special cases) of their research outside Australia.

The request must be approved by the supervisor and the student must remain enrolled at The University of Sydney.

h) Suspension of the Scholarship is generally not allowed within the first 6 months of the scholarship.

i) After the first six months of award, students may be granted up to 12 months suspension within the duration of their award. A suspension, or accumulated periods of suspension of more than 12 months, will only be considered if there are exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control.

How To Apply For Australian Government RTP Scholarship

When applying for your postgraduate research degree, choose the checkbox to be considered for the RTP scholarship. You don’t need to fill out a separate scholarship application. But remember, you must submit your research degree application before the RTP scholarship deadlines.

Australian Government RTP Scholarship Eligibility Criteria and How To Apply



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