Chevening Scholarship Online Application System

By | March 2, 2024
Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarship Online Application System

All Chevening applications must be made through our online platform. You’ll need to utilize this platform throughout the application and selection process. Expect to revisit the platform to view updates on your application’s progress and to submit necessary documents as requested.

1) For an optimal user experience, it is highly recommended to use the Google Chrome browser on a laptop or PC, instead of a smartphone or tablet.

2) When completing your application form, work in a full-sized window. This will make the application form easier to read in its intended format.

3) Avoid using the browser’s back and forward buttons during the application process. These buttons will disrupt the system and erase any unsaved changes. Instead, navigate through the different pages of the form using the provided menus.

4) Remember your username and password. This saves time when you want to log back into the online application system.

5) Make sure the details you provide are correct, especially your contact information.

a) Double-check that you provide a working email address.

b) If your email address changes after submitting, be sure to update it promptly to avoid missing application status updates.

c) If you include a secondary email address, confirm that it’s valid and distinct from your primary email.

6) To make completing the application less time-consuming, you can:

* Prepare your answers offline and paste them into the online form.

* Remember to remove the questions from your copied text to prevent repeating them in the form.

* This method is especially helpful if you’re using a public computer, such as one at an internet cafe.

7) When filling out the application form, you will find questions that must be answered with written responses. Each answer needs to have a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500 words. Please make sure your answers meet these requirements. If any answers have less than 100 words, they will not be evaluated.

8) Save as you go! There is no automatic save function on the system and each session will close after 60 minutes, even if you are still actively editing the form. Any unsaved entries will be lost, so you are strongly encouraged to save regularly to avoid losing your work.

9) You can pause and resume your application as needed. Click “Logout” (top right) and save your username and password to continue later. You can also find your application through the email link you’ll receive.

10) I understand the importance of originality and avoiding plagiarism. My responses are generated based on my training data, and I strive to provide unique and relevant information. If there are specific concerns or if you require original content, please feel free to let me know, and I will ensure that the responses are tailored accordingly.

11) Applications must be submitted in English. Any application not submitted in English is ineligible.

12) Make sure the files you upload fit the requested size and format. The online system only accepts JPG, PNG, or PDF documents that are less than 5 megabytes. Also, keep your file names under 50 characters long.

13) Ensure your application is finalized before submitting it. Once submitted, you can only edit contact information and upload documents. Expect a large number of applications, so take sufficient time to prepare a compelling one.

14) Remember, you can only submit one application and we will only accept your first application. In order to withdraw from the process, you will be asked to provide a reason for doing so before the withdrawal is final. If you choose to withdraw your application you will not be able to start another application until applications open again next year.

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